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I am Rebekah, a 20yo college student, homeschool graduate, and the oldest of ten. I am double majoring in English and Public History, and my dream job is a librarian. I love to read and knit. This blog has been running for a while, sadly forgotten by me for years at a time since 2013. It was full of tags from other bloggers my age, knitting projects, book reviews, Monday Minutes entries, and many photos of siblings. As Bekah’s Scribbles becomes The Coddiwomple of Me, the purpose of this cleaned out space is a bit foggy.

A coddiwomple is “a purposeful journey to a vague destination” (Urban Dictionary). The word sounds whimsical. It sounds like a story that has bumpy tumbly adventures as it keeps getting through to the end of its journey. It sounds like someone who wants to be ready for the next thing, even if that thing is rather terrifyingly unknown. It sounds like clumsy me. So, I shall try to keep up with this coddiwomple of me, better than I did with my scribbles of years ago.

Have a most wonderful day. 🙂




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  1. Hi, Bekah! I also am homeschooled and in Algebra 1 (finally!); I love reading, writing, and crafting too! AND I’m the 2nd oldest of 8 kids. 🙂
    That’s just weird… 😀

  2. Caitlin says:

    Hi Bekah! I was also homeschooled through Highschool! I’m the 2nd oldest of 6 kids. I love your blog! It’s so encouraging to see a believer of the Lord write! 🙂 Blessings!

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