MMC- #16

I haven’t posted in while. Life was busy, and then my computer stopped working for a bit. I plan on doing a post on the books I’ve read eventually, but that will be a long post- two months of books- and I don’t feel like doing it right now. 🙂


I chose the phrase prompt:”Because I’m the only one who can get us out.”  (Submitted by Esther)

“Why are you here?” Kit demanded, his eyes still out of focus, but looking at something beside my left ear.

“Because I’m the only one that can get us out of the chaos of this country.” I answered, waving my hand where I thought he was looking, just to see what he would do. “And, that little girl told me where you were.”

Kit twitched and looked around the prison cell. “What little girl?”

I shrugged. “I don’t know? The only one in here?” Something punched me in the back. “Oh, right. Sorry.” I knelt and lowered my large sack to the floor slowly. She crawled out and surveyed the cell. Kit stumbled against the wall.

“Your Majesty!” He knelt. He glanced sideways at me. “How dare you! You stinking trai-”

“Stop it, Kit.” The girl turned to look at me. “Your brother came to fetch you.”

“So he just dumped you in a sack?” Kit demanded. “He killed your parents!” “He didn’t know I was in the wagon until it was too late.”

“I cannot believe this.” Kit started. “The Princess Judaliah is under your spell, brother. But, I’m not.” Kit helped me dig away the rotting wood.

“Well, just so you know, I am taking you through a secret tunnel, only know to my colleges and myself, also the safe haven of the younger royal family members. There you can be taken care of, and your leg put in order.” I spoke above him. “Just because I am a spy and consort with a “low society” doesn’t mean I am devoid of the brotherly love. Your execution is tonight, you know.”

“Death would be better than having you as a brother.” Kit pushed away from the trap door we had uncovered. I lifted the lid.

“After you, princess.”



300 words.


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