MMC- #15

This week’s entry is way late. I’ve been busy this week. 🙂

I got an honorable mention for my entry last week. *grin*

I did the word prompt: Sunflower, spoons, tears.

This is exactly 300 words.


I ran up to the Peddles door, 37 Lilliput Road, Jubilee, last summer, breathless, sobbing, scared my granddaddy was going to die.

I ran up their drive way for the next three months, everyday, past the loopy sunflowers, and into the woods with all of them to play. They became my best friends, all nine of them.

We played war in a hurricane, dug a well with spoons, went for a shopping spree, sprained an ankle, played softball, and gambled buttons and skittles away playing Hearts, we made ice cream, and flew kites.

I gave Paige my address when I went home, and we wrote letters. Long letters. They all wrote sometimes. A note from the older girls, Faye and Melody. A scrawl from Ben. Cartoons from Lulu. Pictures from Cori, Matt, Willow and Zach. A box with a bag of Coconut M&M’s from Mr. and Mrs. Peddle.

Then I got a letter from 112 Smith Circle,Townsend, after a month of nothing. They had moved. Were so sorry not to have written, but were so busy. Hoped I was well. Would I visit my grandparents for Christmas?
“Because we have some stuff for you and are going to be at our old church the Sunday before Christmas, Maisy. If you don’t come, we’ll mail it, but it’d be great to see you.”

I don’t want to go back. I don’t want to see the house across from Gram’s and Granddaddy’s house empty, or with different people. I don’t want to lose the Peddles to a town five hours away from Jubilee. Because I can’t go back for Christmas. Mom and Dad don’t feel up to it.

I feel the tears dripping off my face and hear Ana come in. “Maisy?”
I hand her the letter.
“I’ll take you.” She says.



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  1. That was awesome! I’d love to read more if you continue it. 🙂

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