MMC- # 14 (Late agian)

I won Second place! I beat Mary, who was third. *giddy laughter*

Anyway, on to the Prompt for this week. I chose to do the Word Prompt, since I did the Phrase last time, and the Picture didn’t inspire me much.

Write a passage using these items: shelf, song, laughter (submitted by Sofia Marie)

I find myself in the Dragon caves again. I find myself standing on a shelf of rock, looking down at the sprawling beasts.
“Give me the book.” My voice echoes down to them. They scramble into sitting positions. All save one on a ledge across from mine. That dragon only looks.
“I told you.” The large one crows. “I told you she would come back.” Their laughter shakes the air.
“Just give me the book!” I yell over them. “Give it to me.”
“Please go away.” The dragon across from me drawls. “No one should ever take the book. Least of all people- you.”
The large dragon’s scales turn red. “Shut UP, Squeakster!” It gestures with its tale for me to come down to the book. Another dragon comes to help me down.
I am kneeling before the book. I feel the pulling again. My finger burn to touch it.
I pause. My mind suddenly goes back to the day I tried to take the book before. I felt the urge that I shouldn’t again. That it was wrong. But, also that I must have it.
“Go on!” They wail. “Take it!”
I snatch it from the pedestal, and open it up. They groan with pleasure. I scan the pages. I feel its song in my veins. “Good.” I turn around and smile at them gratefully. “Thank you.” They grin, exposing long fangs. I look down at the book again. I open my mouth to read the words aloud-
Don’t.” Squeakster’s voice fills the cave. “Don’t. You. Dare.
I look up at him. “Or?”
“I will-“ He begins, rising to his feet.
“Will what?” I interrupt. I shake my head at him and read the words aloud. The dragons quiver. Squeakster roars. I control them. And, the World is mine.






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