Long time, no see…

I do exist. It’s been a year since I posted last and I’m not sure how that happened. I read 105 books total, in case anyone wondered. While I didn’t actually post any, I did update my Books of 2015 page.

So far this year, I’ve read almost 70 books. It’s been a good year in reading.

It’s been a good year in knitting, too. Nine finished projects, and three in progress. Christmas will be here soon, so lots more knitting to do. 🙂 Always fun.

^My first pair of socks. (Even though you only see one.)^

^A not so great picture of the lace cowl I made for a friend.^


^The nerve racking Pencil Case made for a different friend. I had to use the sewing machine for this one.^


^First real cable project. A gift for the friend who got the pencil case.^

Img_20160616_114406_mediumImg_20160710_195833_medium^Self-written pattern I call Jenny Wren^


^Blanket for my baby brother. Lots of good books knitted into this one.^


^A shawl for me. Not a recent picture, but the only one I have on the computer. It will be very pretty.^


^And the next pencil case. Another bad picture of a pretty good knit.^

I want to try to post more often. Actually talk about what I do. Book reviews, goofy family members, knit projects, and all that jazz. Who knows. I hope y’all have a wonderfilled week and are blessed. 🙂






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2 Responses to Long time, no see…

  1. sweetie says:

    I want a pencil case. Thank you.

    Speaking of all that jazz…want to listen to some?

  2. Hey! I loved the pencil case and the coffee cozy! Thank you so much!:)

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