Book Review #1 – Colenel Nobody: The soilder without a name



My brother got this book for his birthday last year. He was kind enough to let me read after he did, and then again on Sunday.


The back of the book (Copied from Amazon):

The year is 1836. A mysterious young English soldier known as the ”Boy Colonel” commands a crack regiment in the snowy wastelands of Siberia. No one knows his history. No one knows his name. The Cossacks want him dead — but are they the only ones? It seems his worst enemy may wear an English uniform.

The Boy Colonel strives to perform his duty, but when that duty becomes mixed he must decide which sovereign is greater — the king of England, or the God of the Bible. Treachery, intimidation, and deceit block his path. His choice of allegiance may mean the difference between life and death. Is he prepared to risk all to protect his loved ones?


What I liked:  It all. It was very interesting and entertaining. And, Nobody’s determination to do what was right before the Lord, no matter what he missed out on. I can’t say more, or I’ll tell the story. Some people wouldn’t like that.

I also liked it because I am, of course, a girl, and this is a ‘boy’ book. People will say this is a ‘boy’ book, but I enjoyed it probably more than Caleb did.

What I didn’t like: Where it ended. I am so getting Secret of The lost Settlement: The Duty of Warriors. Caleb already has Brothers at Arms. I want to find out what happens next to Nobody. And the Stoning Brothers.


I would give this book 5 stars.





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